Supporting young people through their challenges

Utilising strength-based models to work with young people.

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carefully carrying out our assessment, we provide the best accommodation according to his or her needs. We provide various services ranging from accommodation, back to work, counselling and one-to-one coaching.

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Our mentoring and support services vary depending on what is required. This could be personal services, such as help with maintaining a good social life, healthy eating etc.

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We provides resettlement support for people in prison, through the gates and in the community. Our primary focus is helping to reduce reoffending and ensuring recidivism rates are kept..

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Feedbacks & Reviews

“Honestly, I did not see anything to comment on when I went there, I felt calm and welcoming, and most of all, I did not feel sick. I got what I went there for and am satisfied with the results; that is all that matters.”


“The company is very friendly and treats me like family. I have not seen that kind of treatment in years!”


“Excellent and very professional Patients follow up with a great empathy.”